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Established in 2004


The ParaTax Services is a one-stop service office for the community, with only private settings and appointments. &Income Tax Preparation Year; E-File; Legal &Preparation; Used since Notary 2004

I have lived in high desert for 35 years and have been known for a long time.

I majored in the Judicial Administration (AS), the Criminal Court (BS) and have a certificate from the Palarigal of San Bernarino at the State University of California. I am registered with & If you don't want to use the Tax Retention Corporation Document Creator, Notary Documentation & Income Tax Creator ("CTEC")"AFSP""RTRP"ITIN Number Approved by the IRS to create a number. ParaTax Services is a valuable asset for high dessert. My experience will last more than 20 years.

My passion is to help the community protect their rights. Speak for those who don't feel like fighting with documents. When I become a lawyer, money is not for the purpose of becoming a lawyer, so I want to be different from others. My goal is to help people rise out of the darkness of fear that keeps lawyers at bay.

Myriam W.
business owner